SAN Maintenance

Posted by Matthew Sias on Wednesday, February 1, 2012 at 8:15 AM

Starting: Wednesday, February 1, 2012 at 8:15 AM
This is an uncategorized outage.

This Friday, Feb 3rd, a firmware update is being applied to the disk controllers connected to the VMware cluster and STAFF/STUDENT file servers. This means STAFF, STUDENTS, and all the VMs listed below will be unavailable for a short period of time during the normally scheduled maintenance window. 10BALL, ADAM01, ALERTUS, ANDY.CS, APP01, APP02, APPTEST, Asterisk, BBCS01, BBEXPRESS, BIGDIPPER, BLACKBAUD01, BOOMERANG1, CERT1, CERTAIN01, CLARK.CS, CNTGED, CS-265chris, CSPOT05, CSPOT06, CSPOT1, CSPOT6, DARIO.CS, DB05, DB06, DB1, DB4, DB5, DB6, DBMS05OLD, DellVCPlugin, DEV-ASH1, DEV-ASPEN, DEV-CEDAR, DEV-ELM, DEV-FIR, DEV-MAPLELEAF, DEV-ROBOREG, EFORM2, EX05, FACMGT01, FACMGT2, FAX, FOREFRONT01, FORM1, FPM, FRISBEE, GEOG11, GeoWKS2, GIVING, HERMES.CS, IDPEXT01, IDPINT01, ISDC1, KEY01, KMS, KRAMER, LEELA.CS, LIB01, MAPLETA02, MYSTRO, Networking-ACS, Networking-BBB, Networking-CLICK, Networking-DHCP, Networking-DHCP2008R2_Testing, Networking-GaussWorkstation, Networking-Guppy, Networking-HPC(build testing 2), Networking-HPC(build testing), Networking-Monitoring, Networking-Nessus, Networking-Tetra, NIAGARA01, OPEN01, PENNYBAGS, PHONEBILL, PINACOLADA, PRINTLAB, PRINTOFFICE, SCCM01, SMTP01, SOPHOS, SP01, SPIKE, TICKER, TMS,, VENDOR, VMmanager, VOICETOOLS, WEBPORTDEV, WEBPORTFOLIO, ZENITH2

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